Sunday, 17 January 2010

Circle of Life

Ooo, that title is a bit deep for a Sunday morning! I was trying find a way to express my strange feelings today cos after 3 months of looking after 2 of the most amazing characters - my foster kittens Petey & Meg - they have finally gone to a new home together. Three previous homes had fallen through for them and so the longer they stayed with me the more we all became horribly attached and they took over my life, with my permission, of course!

The house is horribly quiet now and I did cry. But what is so wonderful is that they have gone to live on a farm and they will enjoy a life that I could never have given them, which really softens the loss, but I don't half miss them.

One of our dogs Mojo went to her new home yesterday too with one of our friends' mum. (Only the 2nd animal to be rehomed this year - things are desperate). Her new mum is apparently smitten, even though Mojo widdled on the carpet yesterday. But to be fair she travelled all the way to Nottingham for her new life and was probably just very excited! Mojo has had a tough time and so we hope she behaves herself and makes herself a home for life, but you never know with our lot. Tusk!

So, as one dog goes out it means that we have space to take in a new one and on Saturday that's exactly what we did - no messing around! Well, let's face it, there is never a shortage of animal neglect/cruelty/abandonment.

So, I am delighted to introduce to you our newbie (piccie above). Names on a postcard please!

My friend Hannah was at the kennels yesterday photographing the dogs so we can put lovely new pictures on websites to promote them. His images came through as 'newbie' - so either we haven't got a name for him yet or Hannah doesn't know it. The poor lad has come into our care because his owner wasn't looking after him well enough - he is quite underweight, bless him. One of our Inspectors persuaded his owner that his dog could have a better life than the one he was being given and he agreed to sign him over.

I love staffies, and I bet 'newbie' is every bit as fabulous as I think he will be. Anyone who takes him on though will have to put lots of high factor sun lotion on his face and he could also yet prove to be deaf. I will keep you posted on how he gets on, but I just thought you would like to meet 'Newbie'.