Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy Tails Tuesday: Pip

This week's 'Happy Tails Tuesday' features RSPCA rescue dog Pip owned by dog trainer Debby Smith www.perfectpawsmanchester.co.uk/

Pip (top & middle) was in rescue kennels for a long time and couldn't get a home due to aggression issues. Molly (bottom left) and me fostered and then adopted Pip 3 years ago. In that time, we have seen Pip transform from a nervous & aggressive dog to a confident, trusting and happy little man. He adores his Molly and his favourite hobbies are sticking his snout in Molly's ears, scrapping with Tiny (bottom right), playing Chief of Security on the window sill, and, making sure Mum doesn't have a love life. He loves nothing more than chasing his ball on the field and then being carried home when he's tired! He is a bundle of naughtiness and cuteness and we love him so much. He's my very very special little boy.

I know I'm scared and nervous and shy

You might just want to walk on by

But please look again, please talk to me

And see the boy I'd like to be

I've never had a life of fun

I've never had the chance to run

To chase my ball till I'm all puffed out

To learn that people don't always shout

I might not wag my tail at you

But look in my eyes, look closer too

There's life in them, and hope and joy

And I'd love to be your special boy

Next week Beau the kitten's story.....