Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy Tails Tuesday: Zak

This week's 'Happy Tails Tuesday' features Zak adopted by Kate Every...

''We adopted Zak about 14 months ago now, seems like he has been with us forever. From day one he was a sweetie but he has come out of himself unbelievably over the last year and a bit. He is a proper so-and-so, but in a really good way.

He has been on trips on the train (he LOVES the train, especially standing up and looking out the window) and in the car (he only likes the car if he can stick his head out of the window, gets a little bit car sick sometimes). He loves getting in cars though, even our neighbours if they accidentally leave the car doors open. He is great with other dogs, to the point where we know that if we get a bigger house or things change we will get him a brother. He has a friend in our local country park who he has the best time with.

He is not so good with horses and cows (he thinks they are big dogs that also want to play, however, they are extremely unimpressed) - it is the one flaw in his coming on command, other than that he is a sweetie. He still doesn't like the vets, but I clip his claws myself so we will only have to go if he is poorly or for jabs. He likes to get fussed but gets a bit stroppy with his hands being held for clipping, he wants to fidget.
He absolutely loves being on the bed (or on the sofa if we are out. Zak, we know you do it) and looking out the window - when he is on his own he sits on the sofa and watches the neighbours. He has developed amazing skills at sneaking onto the bed about 5am and sleeping at the bottom between our legs without us noticing. As soon as we wake up he has to be up our end for cuddles. Some days you would swear he thinks he is a child. When he sneaks onto the spare bed he sleeps with his head on the pillow.

He absolutely loves to chat - he grunts and groans and squeaks and chatters away whenever he gets the chance, and is very good fun. He has also revealed the amazing trick of being able to open doors - not sure if we told you. We only have 70's push doors, but when he stayed at my parents with lever handles he managed to open them all - push in and pull out doors, including the tough style PVC front doors . He seems to be a bit of a bright spark! He also has the cutest trick of smiling when you rub his head, and has these 'cute ears' that he puts on when he wants something. He loves to kiss and cuddle and seeks you out to show affection - he will 'kiss' anyone or anything, especially his animal toy collection who he loves (we have a duck, a badger, an owl, a fox and a walrus dotted around the house. RIP ursula unicorn).

We are taking him down to Suffolk for the second time too, to the middle of nowhere. He loves it, we took him to one of the biggest stubble fields last summer and he just ran to the middle and looked around in awe (you couldn't see any signs of people, even electricity poles etc) and he met a stoat which was hilarious - he seemed to have never seen a proper rabbit / stoat hole, and stood on the edge of this bank looking upside down into this stoat hole while an angry furry creature squeaked at him which he thought was the best thing ever and just banged his feet up and down excitedly - he just wants to PLAY with everything.

The main thing is that he is an amazing dog and is super happy and content - we are so so grateful for letting us adopt him, and overall really grateful and respectful of the work that you do helping animals get better lives. I can't often read your blog as it makes me cry but we do appreciate what you work hard to do. We both agree that Zak is the best thing to ever happen to us and we love him and his massive personality so much.''

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