Thursday, 29 October 2009

Our New Dogs!

I've been away visiting the RSPCA HQ for the first time - I was invited to help with plans for a national rabbit welfare campaign - it was good but ever such a long way a way and when I got back last night me, the staff and my very clever hubby went to the Bolton Branch's annual quiz night - and guess what? We won! We were well chuffed cos we won £50 and so we each pocketed a tenner and gave a tenner back to the branch. But I'm shattered.

So, without further delay, let me introduce to you our gorgeous new dogs.....

Jed is a fantastic medium sized cross breed; he is approximately 5-6 years old. Jed came into our care via an RSPCA inspector, the reason for which cannot be disclosed on the internet but will be discuss with the right potential owner. Considering what Jed has been through he is a remarkably well rounded dog - he is very friendly and loves his cuddles. Jed is ok with other dogs and seems to have a healthy respect for cats! Anyone who takes on this wonderful dog will be rewarded with lots of love and a very faithful friend for life.

Prince is approximately 4 years old. He is a very handsome GSD cross. Prince came into our care after he was found tied up outside a local supermarket. He had obviously been dumped as he had been there for several hours - we reckon he will need a very secure home as he is a bit of an escape artist in the making at the kennels, he probably came from a home where it was normal to just open your back door at let the dog go roaming (I live in Salford, it happens all the time).

And finally there are Gemma and Snoop on a special BOGOF offer! They are 2 middle aged ladies looking for a new home together. Gemma, on the right of the picture, is a terrier cross, approximately 8 years old. Snoop, on the left, is a Jack Russell cross, approximately 9 years old. They were signed over to the RSPCA by their very ill owner who wanted a better life for them. Both these girls are still quite lively and still have a lot of life left in them - aren't they funny looking buggars!