Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wishing the Day was Over

Today, I don't think I could feel any worse than I do - so please don't try and make me!

I have spent the day informing staff that their posts are being made redundant. I don't really think it gets much shittier than this.

I have seen an array of emotions played out before me and I feel like have captured them all and they are playing around inside me - anger, hurt, shock, grief and utter sadness.

The sadness seems to mainly be because of how desperate the situation is, not just for the individual, the animals or the charity, but globally. The big recession has trickled down to us at the bottom and it feels like we are doggy paddling with a view to drowning.

To top if off we had to have a dog put to sleep today, who had only been with us a short while and was seriously suffering from being incarcerated in kennels. His anxiety levels were so extreme that he was self harming, and even meds from the vets to calm and sedate him were not helping. He went over the edge last week and didn't return. I can't explain here what happened but let me tell you this, we have never had an animal put to sleep before for behavioural problems - so perhaps that demonstrates how major it was and how awful the decision has been.

Our vet was wonderful today and made the process an awful lot easier - so thanks Matt for being so great.

And, if all that wasn't enough to drown yourself in a bottle of booze, our rehoming figures for January were the worst since May 2007. We rehomed just 9 animals and so we could only admit 11.

Please tell me things can't get any worse than this.