Thursday, 4 February 2010


I'm not sure I can quite believe this but nearly half of our cats are reserved!

Dizzy & Will are reserved but they are still recovering from health problems, so they won't be going for a few weeks yet, but, this week we have the following kitties on reserve:

Freya & Millie, James, Moses, Sunshine, Jasper (his home visit has just passed) and Smudge.

Just absolutely amazing. It's so wierd this line fo work how you lunge from one emotion to the next!

Catherine is at the animal hospital doing our monthly free microchipping clinic and I have just telephoned her to tell her to round up as many cats as possible from the 'stray ward'! I bet by the end of the week all pending places will be filled.

In the meantime I wanted to tell you about our gorgeous new girl Tara (pictured). She came in last week and was so affectionate and lovely and happy, as you cans ee she is in our office enjoying a ray of sunshine. But since going into the cattery she is staying in her bed all the time and is really miserable. Poor Tara was brought to our animal hospital by a member of the public who claimed she was a stray and threatened to release her in the road if they did not accept her from them. We will pop her into foster care if she doesn't settle soon, but here's hoping she finds a home quickly too.