Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Flurry of Fluffy Activity

So, last week we took in two new bunnies and two new dogs. The week before we got two new dogs too. So I thought you would like to meet them and learn more, given that I've been awake since 3am I thought I'd make good use of myself!

The bunnies were both allegedly found by members of the public wondering stray. One poor little girl. who we have since named Jennifer, was in a mess, with one of the worst cases of syphilis our rabbit specialist vet had ever seen - in fact it spurred him to get his camera out. She is actually fine, not seeming to have noticed her mankyness at all. She is being kept in isolation, which means she is at my house, tipping me over to 8 "bloody rabbits" in the house. Mmm, definitely too much, but what can you do? She is absolutely adorable, a silver fox cross neddy, and is so nosey and confident and absolutely adores tickles, so I only hope we can get her better because she will make an ace house rabbit for someone.

The other new bunny is a proper little neddy, he'd fit your pocket! The poor lad, called Zippy now, was so scared at being handled that he screamed. Rabbits very rarely scream, and in all the years of looking after them I have never heard it, until Friday. Oh, it was so heartbreaking to here his evident fear, but our Gilly is checking up on him for me and it seems he is calming down and there has been no repeat performances. Poor wee fella.

So, on to the dogs....the pair of lovelies are Nipper and Poppy. Their owner was sent to prison leaving 7 dogs behind. The family couldn't cope with so many and so signed over these two girls. They are inseparable so we are doing our usual BOGOF in the hope of finding them a home together quickly.

Then there is our 7 month old Neapolitan Bull Mastif Hank - yep, he is only 7mths old! The word Gullah was made for Hank. Apparently his owners had bought 2 of them as puppies and soon found out how big they grow and couldn't cope. They wanted to sell them but had no takers so an Inspector persuaded them to sign them over but they only agreed to Hank because they still wanted to sell the other dog to recoup some of the costs. In two weeks time, if they haven't succeeded, the Inspector will go back for the other Gullah!

And lastly, there is Bob. He only arrived Friday and needs time to settle into the change of environment. He was found abandoned in a property but the owners were tracked down by an RSPCA Inspector and they agreed to sign Bob over to our care. They claimed he was no more than 2 and an akita cross husky - he is none of these. He is German Shepherd Cross of at least 5 years of age. Bob is quite unsettled at the moment but hopefully he will adjust soon. I just hope it doesn't take too long to home him. Poor love.

None of them deserve this, do they.