Thursday, 31 December 2009

Lucky Lily Lady

I just had to share this story with you as I was blown off my feet last night.
A few weeks ago, as I was leaving work after a very difficult day, a vet friend rang me to say she had persuaded a client not to euthanize their 4 year old cat and could we take her in. Well, we couldn't, cos we were overflowing and had turned 5 others away that day from Inspectors and the animal hospital. I asked what was wrong with Lily and other than pooping in the neighbours garden, deafness, being vocal and a bit clumsy - nothing. The owner was apparently at her wits end and thought the cat would be better off dead. So, I said we would take in as soon as we could and we began the hunt for a foster carer.
The next day the owner called me and told me how no-one else would cope with Lily and her noisy, clumsy ways and that we were wrong to take her in and she should be put to sleep. I tried reasoning with the owner (as did the vet) and in the end I said she should be grateful we were helping Lily when we couldn't help any others.

We found Lily a foster home with Catherine's neighbour upstairs from her, and there-on in, every morning at 7.30pm religiously, Lily miaowed so loudly for her breakfast that she woke Catherine up! But there was nothing wrong with Lily other than being an active, gobby, confident cat.
We found Lily a home in no time, but with the Christmas period she didn't go until Monday. She has gone to a lovely young couple who got a glowing report from our home visitor Mark, and in fact I dropped her off cos they live near me and because we needed the space urgently.
When Lily came out of the carrier in her new home she just strutted around like she'd always lived there and was as cocky and confident as anything. The new owners had been fully appraised of Lily's history and vocal abilities and were completely unphased. Lily took to them instantly, especially her new 'mum' and I left feeling happy and aglow at such a lovely outcome.
But the story does not end there!
Last night my friend Hannah texted me. Hannah is one of our trustees and has been with us for nearly a year doing all sorts including home visits and shamelessly promoting us. Hannah said she had just found out on Facebook that Dave's brother and his girlfriend (Dave being her bloke) had adopted a white cat from us unbeknown to anyone in the family.
I rang her straight away and neither of us could believe it. Not only had I met Dave's brother without knowing it, Hannah had been in the office at the time I had taken the call from Lily's previous owner. Hannah said they had even sat round the Christmas dinner table together without a word being said!
Hannah said she was just so delighted that her 'lecturing' had paid off about and they had chosen to adopt from our branch and chosen such a suitable cat for their home as Lily as she needs to stay indoors because of her deafness.
The pair of us were just stunned and amazed and so utterly pleased. Hannah is going to visit Lily next week but here are piccies of her in her new home taken by her new mum and dad. She is very content and settled already and has already developed a fascination of climbing into kitchen cupboards!
Thank goodness my vet friend didn't put Lily to sleep.
Happy New Year everyone, let's hope it is a better one for the animals.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing Clever

Having grown up in rural Cheshire I can remember each year the hunt riding out across the fields where I lived every Boxing Day. I'm not sure I really comprehended what was going on but it never intrigued me to join them or pay any interest in their cruel theatre of 'sport'.

The recent press coverage that the Tories will overturn the ban on hunting wild animals has horrified me and if it happened I would be ashamed to call myself British/English because the one thing I feel most proud of about this country is the fact that we have some of the best animal welfare laws in the world.

I wanted to share with you details of a recent press release from the RSPCA in the hope that I can inspire you to vote sensibly in the next election and not be complacent and leave to someone else to do!

The RSPCA has released figures to show that the 2004 Hunting Act is more successful at bringing crimes against wildlife than any other wildlife legislation. The Hunting Act has it's 5th Anniversary in Feb 2010 and here is how it has helped so far in securing convictions compared to other wildlife acts:
Badgers Act 1991 = 6
Deer Act 1991 = 1
Wild Mammals Protection Act 1996 = 3
Hunting Act 2004 = 48

In addition the success rate for prosecutions under the Hunting Act is 77%, which is way higher than for any other act.

An Ipsos-Mori Poll (Sept 2009) found that 75% of the public support the ban and 84% support the ban on stag hunting and 85% support the ban on hare hunting.

Probably the best news of all has come from the European Court of Human Rights, who, on 17 Dec 2009, ruled that challenges to the act so far were inadmissible as they did not contravene human rights, e.g. to make a living etc out of the so-called sport.

And you might want to check out this website too: which has been set up by lead animal welfare groups to help advise law enforcers on the distinction between legal and illegal hunting.

Please don't be complacent about voting in the 2010 elections, your vote really will make a difference to animal welfare. This is your chance to make a stand and save our wildlife from cruelty in the name of sport.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Snow Princess

Whilst us humans may not be embracing the snow quite like we did when we were kids, there are some friends amongst us who are loving it!

Catherine has sent me this fab picture of our rotti Sasha playing in the snow this morning. Apparently she loved it and wouldn't stop eating it! I know a few cats that have been fascinated by it all too. It is wonderful to be able to give such joy to our animals as they await their new homes.

What has been particularly great has been the flurry of animal rehomings we have had in the last few days. We should see 2 bunnies, 5 cats, 1 kitten and 2 dogs making their way to new forever homes over the next few days - and no, not pets as Xmas presents either! In fact one home visit I did yesterday expressly told me they do not even celebrate Christmas. But what excuse do you then use for eating vasts amount of chocolate, mince pies and roast potatoes?
And the other amazing news to share is that an appeal in Trafford Metro newspaper for toys, food and treats has yielded a fantastic response and I have spent the morning sorting through around £150 worth of goodies.

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. x

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A ray of inspiration

It's proving to be a very difficult time for the charity at the moment. We are facing the New Year with intrepidation as we have to find ways to make thousands of pounds worth of savings to ensure the branch has a future. It has been a combination of things really that has led to this desperate state, but none more so than loosing £100k in cash and assets as a result of a legacy overpayment and devaluation of bequeathed stocks and shares this year. We also haven't had the money come in that we needed this year to run our services and so we've had to take a huge chunk out of our reserves to pay. And of course we've had more animals needing to come in than ever before, many of which have been very ill and we've seen the average cost of caring for one of our animals go from £240 in 2008 to £290 by Sept 2009.

Times are now officially hard at the branch and we are on 'emergency rations' and having to cut back on as much as possible. What is especially depressing is that I can count on one hand how many animals we have rehomed this month. It's particularly sad seeing kittens growing up in foster care when they should be in a forever home being loved and enjoyed by their new family. I have two who have been with me since 1st October. It's getting really hard because I am so very attached to them and them to me too. I want to see them find a home but I will be heart broken when they go.

I became increasingly despondent by last weekend, as you probably saw from my previous blog. I was feeling the strain somewhat and I had lost one of my beautiful animals unexpectedly and was struggling to find much reason to be cheerful. But today, someone I have the pleasure of calling a friend, has written the most amazing blog. I found it so breathe-takingly beautiful that I just had to share it with you all. It is simply inspirational and has come along at a much needed point in time. I hope you feel as enriched as I did once you have read it all through.

And if that wasn't enough, check out our top billing at:

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pets as Presents? Yule be sorry.

This fabulous strap line is from a press release by the PDSA on 2nd December. I found it whilst searching to see if this phenomenon of buying pets for Christmas presents was a wide spread problem or just specific to Manchester, having spent the WHOLE week taking calls about little else other than people wanting to get a puppy or kitten as a Christmas present. I kid you not.

People really have been that blatant, or honest, about their intentions and I cannot believe that after all these years of campaigning by animal welfare charities that we are still seeing this ridiculous attitude towards pets at Christmas. Mad? You betcha! I have not felt so cross in a long while.

On a different, but similar note, I even had a woman ring me yesterday to say her children's pet rabbit had dropped down dead last night and wanted to get a replacement. I refused stating that rabbits rarely just drop down dead, we do not rehome rabbits as children's pets or to live alone outdoors. Well, this caused outrage and I had the husband ring back a few minutes later taking umbrage with what I had said to his wife stating that it says on the Internet that rabbits do drop down dead (his was vaccinated so it was unlikely to be VHD related so I put him straight about underlying causes such as gut stasis and related dental disease) and he then he proceeded to tell me that I was wrong about them not being good children's pets because he had always had rabbits as a child and so has his children. GROAN. I referred him to the Rabbit Welfare Association's website seeing as he wouldn't believe a word I was saying and had been getting typical misinformation about rabbits from the bloody world wide web!

What was worst of all, and I mean worst of all for me, was that he told me had been to one of our rabbit roadshows earlier in the year and the rabbit was given a 'clean bill of health'. The point is that this was in April and rabbits, like any other pets, get ill and as they are prey creatures they hide their signs of illness. But more than that, they will have been given comprehensive advice about rabbit care, enrichment and companionship by one of us at the roadshow, yet I still found myself hearing all this wrong stuff from him. My heart just sank. I tell you, it was soul destroying. And clearly I am still mad about it 24 hours after the fact cos I'm blogging at silly o'clock on a Sunday morning when most sensible people are tucked up in bed.

Are we ever, really, going to make a difference to animals' lives?

If I receive one more call from people want to BUY a pet as a present this Christmas I might just roll over and die. How can we really be a nation of animals when we continue to treat pets as commodities?
p.s. the piccie is of my hubby's ratties climbing the Christmas tree circa 2007 - the 'husband' in the rabbit story asked my what did make a good children's pet and I said 'a rat or guinea pigs in pairs' - I didn't get a response

Monday, 7 December 2009

Nice things do happen

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a lovely lady in Canada who said she was running the London Marathon next year in aid of the national RSPCA and had come across our dogs at the website dogsblog and was completely struck by the similarity between our dog Bonnie and her dog Sprocket - who was also adopted from an animal charity.

As Bonnie is still waiting for a home, nearly 4 months after we took her in, this lovely lady called Lex has made it her mission to find Bonnie a home. Take a look at her website!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hello Sailor!

I love it! I've been waiting to use that title all week, just hadn't had a moment to do the blog any sooner. Yes, you guessed it, it's my day off so it means catch up time on the things I love best, namely titnterweb.

So, I have to tell you all about our dog Sailor. It seemed only fitting that I told you about our abandoned dogs after I told you all about our abandoned cats the other day. But before I do, I have to tell you that my grown up Kitten Tilly Looney found a home as a result of my abandoned cats blog - so you never know, there might be someone out there for one of dogs too.

Well, let me tell you that things aren't much better for our dogs - here's some of guys and girls who've been cruelly dumped by their owners:

Sailor, now he is an odd one. Originally called Sniper - yes, as in gunman! How bloody awful is that. He was signed over to an RSPCA Inspector as he was underweight and under nourished and not getting the care that he deserved, and yes, he came from an area with high gun crime.

Sailor is a very lively dog and will benefit from training, any training in fact! I just have that sinking feeling that he will prove to be a long stayer, but let's hope someone takes a shine to his cheeky face. He is approx 3 years old and I'm sure you will agree he is a German Shepherd cross Collie!

Ah, next up is Sasha. Give me a staffie or a rotti and I go weak at the knees. When Sasha's owners moved out of their property they left her, a Japanese Akita, a staffie and Bichon Frisse behind. How sad. We got Sasha and Henry the Bichon and another Branch got the other. So, thankfully, they all got rescued before starving to death. A home visit is being done for Henry today so it is our beautiful girl that finds herself homeless.

Sasha is as bright as a button; she loves to play ball and lollop around in the paddock and is a typical fun loving girl and will make a brilliant addition to any one's family, although with her being a big girl she will need someone capable of handling her on the lead.

I love Rottis! Rottis are the best! Adopt a Rotti today!

Finally, for now, is Prince. His story is just tragic, and probably upsets me more than any others. He was tied up outside a supermarket (I think it was Asda in Wythenshawe but can't swear to it, actually it could have been Longsight but I know was definitely an Asda in Mcr), anyway, he was there for hours waiting for his owner to come back, and he never did. Can you imagine what was going through that poor guy's mind, hour after hour just anxiously waiting....oh it breaks my heart just thinking of his anguish.

One of the Inspectors was called out to collect him because it was a clear case of abandonment i.e. not a stray dog, and so Prince came into our care. He's been with us a few weeks now and much to our surprise is still waiting for a home. He is approx 4 years old and a very handsome German Shepherd. He had a terrible ear infection that, once cleaned up and treated, revealed a polyp, which has now been removed - the poor lad would really have been suffering so at least we've been able to alleviate his pain. We think Prince would really enjoy the chance to run around a nice being enclosed garden and go for lovely long walks - can you give him the life he deserves?

Well, let's hope that all our dogs' Christmas wishes come true and they find a home for life this Christmas.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Fair

Christmas Cat-astrophy?

Well, maybe not after you dear supporters have spread the word. I'm hearing that at least one fantastic feline will have found a home this weekend as a result of my blog this week - so thank you all for your continued support.

So, yesterday was our Christmas Fair, and despite the newspaper apparently printing the wrong address for the venue we still had a steady trickle of people attend. And yes, I do mean a trickle - it was really quite quiet but I had a great time sat next to the home produce stall eating my way through all the chocolate themed cakes and texting my mate in the kitchen to furnish me with brews - that was funny cos she got proper cross with me after a while, ha! I hasten to add I paid for all my cakes, in fact, I spent nearly £50 at the fair on crimbo pressies and the like and so I only have 3 people to get for now - 2 of which are, of course, the hardest ones to please.

But the fair was so lovely because it was totally stress free and we all had a right good natter and a fuss with our dogs that the girls brought along for the public to meet. Ben, our oldie who we thought had found a home but didn't, loved it so much. He was so happy being out of the kennels and was just a delightful giddy kipper. I had to show you the new picture we have of him - please spread the word, as he's an oldie but goodie and has so much life left in him.

Anyway, back to the fair, I am delighted to tell you that we raised £845 and after taking off costs of stock, adverts, hall hire etc a whopping £600 will go directly to the animals, which is just brilliant. And so a huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who came along on the day - you are all bloomin marvellous.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kitty Calamity!

Feeling rather desperate this week as we've had no cats reserved for over a week now and we are in crisis. We have so many and nowhere for them to go and have had to close to admissions and cannot accept any from the inspectors or clinic. Things are really dire and miserable is not the word for it.

It is so telling that we are coming up to Christmas, the phone has only rung once today and that's only cos I rang it from my moby to check the line was working. I feel really low, but probably not quite as cheesed off as our homeless kitties so I thought I'd show you some of our newbies...

They all have one thing in common - they've all been abandoned by their owners; either turfed out on to the street or left behind in property they've moved out of. Not featured here is a group of 5 we've had to take in, they are all quite unwell and struggling to get better.

This is such a sad indictment of our times.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Welcome Relief

I've come to view weekends a welcome opportunity to catch up on work I've not got done during the week! I'm feeling slightly less burdened after having done some catch up and used my house cleaning time to come up with some new ideas such as a Christmas shoe box appeal for our animals...I'll share more when I've written the press release.

I've been having a flutter today about whether people are going to show up to the Christmas Fair. As it's our first ever one I don't want to go mad on lots of paid ads in the newspapers but then at the same time I don't want it to be a washout - just don't know whether it's best to run another this week or not. Hubby says no cos it's £50 a time, so I'm going to go out leafleting shoppers and lamp posts in the area and try and dress up as rudolf too in the process. I am beginning to question my sanity!

My other anxiety is the slowing up of rehomings. Last week we only rehomed one cat and one kitten - you can so tell that "the holidays are coming" - said in the words of Santa Coca Cola advert. I have had some very welcome news tho this week, which is that Ashleigh Vets in Chorlton are running their annual pet food donation scheme again this year and are going to donate it all to us. which is just truly fantastic, and, they have also been exceptionally generous this week in donating a car full of kitten and puppy food. Let me tell you, my little furry folk are loving it!

Speaking of which I really must tell you all about Petey and Meg....

The little one with the white stripe on her face is Meg, so named after the drummer of the White Stripes - yeah, I know, lame - no one, and I mean no-one, has remotely been amused by this except me. Anyway she is now about 18 weeks old and has been waiting a home for going on 5 to 6 weeks now. She was found stray in the Trafford area, the finder wanted to keep her but wouldn't pay the £50 adoption fee (which goes nowhere near the cost of blood testing ,neutering, vaccinating and microchipping) so she stayed with me and Petey, who was found abandoned in Middleton in a cardboard box at just 5 week old. Petey is now about 12 weeks old and the love of my life.

The pair of them have been together so long now that they are inseparable, so I absolutely have to find them a home together - they are both proper bonkers and only go to sleep to get up the energy to start running around together and beat hell out of each other. But when they do sleep they wrap their paws around each other and snuggle up, it is just soooo cute.

With Petey having been separated from his mum too young he is a bit of a head peck. Even if you just kneel down he is there on your lap. Petey really needs a home where someone is around an awful lot because all he ever wants to do (aside from hi-jinx with Meg) is snuggle down for some attention with his human pals.

Whilst I'm really sad they haven't found a home yet, it means I get to snuggle up with Petey and watch X Factor. Speaking of which, the results show is on, so I best get going. But, before I do, can I just say that I thought Joe was outstanding last night. Since day one he has reminded of a young Georgey Michaels and last night just confirmed for me how talented he really is. Long live Mr Michaels Sir!

Thursday, 19 November 2009


I'm still trying desperately to get 'back to normal' but I've just been away for two days at the RSPCAs Animal Centre Managers Conference. It was really worthwhile and I've come away with loads of ideas and raring to go with them too!

I also delivered a presentation, which admittedly was nerve wracking cos there was double the number of people I had expected and so it was quite overwhelming. Anyway, I seemed to manage to fudge my way through the perils of using non 'quick-release safety buckle' cat collars and gross everyone out with really gruesome pictures of nasty injuries. I was the first speaker (after about 5) that got asked questions at the end so I'm thinking I must have been thought provoking.

So, back to it today and the dawning of realisation that I have to put together a Christmas Fayre in less than a week and I am yet again feeling overwhelmed. I'm all sorted with plans and volunteers - I just need raffle prizes, cake donations and help with labelling a million teddies for a teddy tombola no less! Oh magic.

I've also come up with some gift ideas that I now need to sort out, including - buy a microchip for a furry friend for just £7.50 or a Christmas Day Care Gift for a cat, dog or rabbit for just £5.00.
I'll get there, I suppose, just need cloning, again!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Xmas Fair

No soon as I finish off one event we are straight on to our next, which is a good job as we are having a touch week - on Monday we had a mum and kittens dumped at our charity chop in Chorlton, a kitten abandoned in a box the day after, and an adopter found a stray cat with a severely infected collar wound at the weekend that we have taken in and are giving intensive nursing care to because she is so badly injured (and smelly - cos of the infection). We truly are in cat meltdown, again. But check out the Trafford Metro cos one of the newbies, currently asleep on my arm is on page 3 this week! Oh, and if the get a copy would you save it for me?

This is my plea for help, please:

We have just over two weeks until our first ever Christmas Fair on Sat 28th Nov in Urmston, just round the corner from our charity shop on Manor Ave.

So, what do I want? I want you! Can you please let me know if you can help with any of the following:

- volunteering to help set up from 10 am and run a stall (we open 11 til 2pm)
- get making and baking for us - cakes, jams, chutneys anything!
- donate plants
- donate raffle prizes - gifts, booze, tickets etc
- donate any handicrafts, gift items etc
- put up posters and help with publicising the fair (see attached poster)
- anything else you think will helps us with our event.

If you want to be involved and help raise dosh for our furries please drop me an email - and if you can donate items we can let you know how to get them to us or arrange to get them for you.

Lost my mojo

The gala has sapped every last bit of umph out of me and I've been struggling to get on line to update you all. I have never worked so hard in my life and the two days of washing up I had to do afterwards was just the icing on the cake, but, whinging aside, it was a huge success. We sold out and we had a fabulous crowd of 150 people attend with some really lovely and generous spirited people on the night too.

Above all the team of volunteers were just the tops - I have never had to ask volunteers to work so hard before but they rose to the occasion and then some. I can honestly it was the most amazing effort by all concerned, but I am so glad it's all over and the words 'never again' just ring thru my head over and over again!
However, it was a resounding success, qualified by the amazing number of emails and and calls and texts from people saying how fab it was - which is so nice of people to take the trouble to contact us.
So, I am pleased to tell you that with ticket sales and sponsorship we started the night being £1000 in profit and raised another £1,250 from the sale of drinks, raffle tickets and auction prizes, so in total we raised the phenomenal sum of £2,250 - which is simply tremendous.
But I sooooo want to stay in bed for a week.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Still Awake!

So I've put my awakeness to good use, I hope, and designed our Christmas Fair poster...what do you think?

Farty Cat in My Office

So, I've woken up in the middle of the night traumatised by Norman the cat's trumpy bum and now can't sleep.....

Ok, so only part of that sentence is true -

1. Yes, I do have a trumpy arsed cat living in my office that whiffs for Britain and I can't open a window cos he'd 'do one'

2. Yes, I have woken up in the middle of the night, hence the blogging

3. Is it all because of Norman? No. It's that whole gala thing.

I've woken up cos I'm having a volunteer crisis and pretty much exhausted every avenue I can think of. I know that they say 'it'll be alright on the night', and I don't doubt it will, but I'll be so glad when it's over. Just to give you a flavour of how much it has taken over my mind... my parting conversation with hubby tonight as I drifted off to sleep was....

"Do I serve the cup cakes individually or on platters to the tables?"

He rightly shrugged his shoulders and said "whatever". I keep saying never again to myself but I know I will happen all over again next year and with nobs on. But for the time being, if I could just ease my woes with helpers I'd be a lot happier.

So, let me tell you about Norman - poor lad's a shabby looking cat. We think his whiff-a-roos are due to a change in diet - decent diet that is. All I know is that an Inspector had a call to a home with 5 cats in varying poor states - Norman, bless him, has blocked tear ducts and his skin below his eyes is red raw and crusted from constant running and no care paid to it - ouch. But, despite all this, he is sooooo affectionate, you just have to hold your breathe! We have 2 others from the home but have sadly run out of space to take in the remaining two.

Last week we were able to say yes to I think 5 or 6 new cats, but the majority have turned out to be unwell and in need of rehabilitation first, like Jess, a beautiful torty girl who is recovering from neutering only to have infected her wound because she has such severe gum disease and now needs many of her teeth removing. Bless her heart, she was slathering everywhere when she came into us post op - so we whipped her off to our vets and discovered her dental problem. Antibiotics are really helping with the drooling and she seems a lot happier cat but both she and Norman are homeless cos we've run out of foster carers so they are living in our offices - yippeee for me!

I'm saddened today cos my Tilly Looney girl has not gone to her new home. We delayed her adoption a couple of weeks ago due to an eye infection but ever since then we have been ringing and ringing the person who wanted her and they have never returned out calls - so we have concluded they are avoiding us and don't want her any more. How could they, that's my baby! But Tilly Looney is being fostered so at least she'll be getting the attention and love that she needs. I love Tilly Looney - hubby said I couldn't keep her - meany!

But, probably the best news of all to share is that our last longest stay dog, Ben (pictured), may have found himself a home with friends of the people who adopted Roma. A home visit is being done this week with the idea of a month trail fostering him with a view to adoption - so I only hope his winning personality shines through. Please keep your paws crossed.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Our New Dogs!

I've been away visiting the RSPCA HQ for the first time - I was invited to help with plans for a national rabbit welfare campaign - it was good but ever such a long way a way and when I got back last night me, the staff and my very clever hubby went to the Bolton Branch's annual quiz night - and guess what? We won! We were well chuffed cos we won £50 and so we each pocketed a tenner and gave a tenner back to the branch. But I'm shattered.

So, without further delay, let me introduce to you our gorgeous new dogs.....

Jed is a fantastic medium sized cross breed; he is approximately 5-6 years old. Jed came into our care via an RSPCA inspector, the reason for which cannot be disclosed on the internet but will be discuss with the right potential owner. Considering what Jed has been through he is a remarkably well rounded dog - he is very friendly and loves his cuddles. Jed is ok with other dogs and seems to have a healthy respect for cats! Anyone who takes on this wonderful dog will be rewarded with lots of love and a very faithful friend for life.

Prince is approximately 4 years old. He is a very handsome GSD cross. Prince came into our care after he was found tied up outside a local supermarket. He had obviously been dumped as he had been there for several hours - we reckon he will need a very secure home as he is a bit of an escape artist in the making at the kennels, he probably came from a home where it was normal to just open your back door at let the dog go roaming (I live in Salford, it happens all the time).

And finally there are Gemma and Snoop on a special BOGOF offer! They are 2 middle aged ladies looking for a new home together. Gemma, on the right of the picture, is a terrier cross, approximately 8 years old. Snoop, on the left, is a Jack Russell cross, approximately 9 years old. They were signed over to the RSPCA by their very ill owner who wanted a better life for them. Both these girls are still quite lively and still have a lot of life left in them - aren't they funny looking buggars!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Fluffy Nuisances!

I currently have my Tilly Looney causing as much mayhem and mischief as possible in my office! At present she is trying to claw all the notes off my wall space in front of my laptop and is incredibly chuffed with herself. Tilly is with me because she has a nasty eye infection and needs drops putting in 4 times a day, which consequently means I get no peace, at all. God I love her - she's just the best mentalist ever!

We have had a fabuous run on cat rehomings of late -we have had several go out this weekend and so we are really pleased to be able to say 'yes' again to the animal hospital and hopefully Inspectors too.

We also have a load new dogs in, who will all enjoy a doggy day trip out on Saturday as a team of staff and volunteers are taking them to the water park for a long walk and play on Halloween. But I'm gutted that no-one has come forward to adopt our gorgeous tripod Skipper yet. We thought he would have been snapped up by now.

When I get piccies of the new dogs I'll be sure to list them and tell you all about them - hopefully later today. For now, I'd best get on before Tilly Looney destroys my office any further!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Very excited!

I've had my two foster kittens in the office with me the last two days - both are feeling a little under the weather and on antibiotics for what seems to be a mild tummy bug (phoo-wee someones just done a poop!). Little Petey (only about 7 weeks old) has just wanted to sleep today but his companion Meg (about 11 weeks) as had sheer monkeyness on her today - she's currently scratching at the wallpaper despite the perfectly good cat scratching post opposite her! I love kittens ;o)

Jo has come back from our rabbits with another one for me to foster. This poor girl has a bite wound on her lip - she managed to escape from her enclosure late last week so she has obviously been putting her snout somewhere she shouldn't have - which all means my extra time in bed in teh mornings has gone out the window for the foreseeable future now that I have 5 foster animals and all my tribe to sort - grrrr, bloody rabbits!

So, I will keep you in suspense no longer. I have possibly some of the most exciting news to share. Our second longest stay dog, Roma (pictured), has found herself a home at last. Roma has featured regularly in my blogs and I am so pleased someone really brilliant has come forward to help this old lady with all her aches and pains. She really is one of the best dogs ever and to finally see an end to her RSPCA journey is just incredible - she first came in nearly two years ago because her owners had starved her close to death. It took a year for the prosecution and court case to conclude and we have had her ever since then - nearly 10 months. I am so utterly delighted that today sees a silver lining to her cloud.

Roma's new owners seem to tick all the boxes and so we are hoping that the home visit later in the week will just be a formality. Please keep everything crossed for her as she truly is a deserving animal.

My other big smiles of the week include - wonderful tickets sales for the gala and very wonderful and generous donations and offers of help from various companies - this is going to be an amazing night out - so don't miss out on the last few tickets!

The other big smile is about the kitten lickens pictured above....a lovely family went to view the two torty girls on Sunday with a view to adopting them. Jesse (b&w kitten) was left upstairs but howling so loudly at being left alone that his foster mum brought him down to keep him happy. Well, the little lad sold himself so well that the family decided they couldn't leave him on his ownsome so they are having them all! How greedy and fantastic is that! I really love kittens even if they do do whiffy poos.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Pictures of our new guys

I thought you'd like to see our new admissions... second picture is of Axel. The poor lad is as frightened as he looks in the picture. I don't want say his story out loud but needless to say he is going to need an extra special forever home he is so timid and scared. When he first arrived it took three days of coaxing and hand feeding to get him to eat. Two weeks on and he is only now brave enough to leave the kennels to go for walks. It's heart breaking.

The first pic is of Jasper. He arrived Tuesday and is just an absolute poppet. Approx 2 years old his owner had mental health problems and couldn't look after him so just kept him in the back garden 24/7. I'm so pleased he is in our care as is a lovely fella who will find a fab new home pretty quickly, I hope!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Biggest and Bestest Ethical Night Out of the Year

I'm so pleased to share the news with you that tickets are selling well and there are only a few remaining.....don't miss out on the best animal-free night out you'll have this year! To book your tickets email: or call 01618820680.

You know you wanna be there to help all the fabulous animals I regularly tell you all about.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Big 'n' Butch Dog Show

We have just had confirmation that this Sunday's Big 'n' Butch Fun Dog Show will be running at Ordsall Park 12-3pm and that the council will be paying for all the microchipping that we do on the day. So, if you are a Salford resident why not bring along your pooch for free microchipping, enter them in the dog show and have a professional photo done of your dog too! You can't ask for a better day out.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Very giddy

My day started brilliantly with a call at 9.15am to say that Ordsall Arts are going to pay for Ordsall residents to have their pets chipped for free at the event we are doing on Sunday - that means they will pay us the cost of each chip we do - just bloomin' brilliant - so chuffed cos it means we aren't out of pocket and more animals will get done.

But then things just got better. Over the weekend:

Amy the cat, Blackie the elderly dog, my kitten Sparkle and Kia and Lucy (mum and daughter dogs) all went to their new homes.


Cloud, Celia, Tilly, Ellie and Charlie the cats all got reserves on them - yippppeeeeeee!

So excited, especially cos Tilly and Ellie's home visits have been done and passed too.

We have 5 new admissions so far - a guinea pig and a 9 week old grey torty kit that we are collecting from the RSPCA clinic as I type (obviously not me collecting, Jo is). Then I took in a gorgeous 4mth old white and black kitten at the weekend called Millie but she couldn't cope with my zoo so went to Jo's zoo instead. A woman just walked in and just abandoned her in the reception of the clinic!

So, cos I had space again I could take in a little 11 week old kitten that Inspector Ben collected in Stretford on Saturday morning instead. My husband thought he was seeing things as I swapped the kittens whilst he was sleeping - as a result our latest addition is called Respray because he thought I must have resprayed her black and white!

Things with the gala are looking up too and ticket sales are good. Just don't want to tempt things just yet but I'm feeling very excited - though wish to god I would stop waking up in the night about it - 3 times I woke last night - grrrrr!

Anyway, hope you like the piccie of lucky kitty Celia who has a reserve on her. She was nursed back to health by us after sustaining a nasty collar injury from one of those nasty elasticated cat collars - ban them, is what I say!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Our new dog Skipper

This is probably one of the loveliest dogs we have met this year. He is called Skipper and he was in a road traffic accident and taken to the RSPCA Animal Hospital in Eccles. He is only 7-8 months old and sadly had to have his leg amputated as a result of the accident. His owners didn't want him back because of his amputation and having children. They said they couldn't manage his post-op care but there really was very little involved.

Any way, we are delighted to have him and so would you be if you adopted him. He is on foster care with 4 other dogs and two children and gets on brilliantly with them all - he really will make a fantastic family pet.

We love Skipper!

Gala evening - less than 4 weeks to go

We have just 40 tickets remaining - don't miss out. To book please call 0161 882 -0680 or email

If I make it to the 7th Nov it will be a miracle, the stress is unbelievable - I hope only hope it's worth it in the end for our animals. Check out Skipper!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fantastic Facts

I've been doing stats for our quarterly newsletter and had to share with you my findings...

Comparison stats for rehoming on 1st 9 months:

2008 cats = 176 2009 cats = 136
2008 dogs = 28 2009 dogs = 49
2008 buns = 38 2009 buns = 50
2008 misc = 1 2009 misc = 18

Overall we have rehomed 253animals so far this year, which is 10 more animals than the equivalent time scale for 2008 - which isn't bad for a recession!

We have also, so far this year:
Microchipped 1,140 animals (it was 540 on the whole year last year and we won an award for our efforts then).

Not bad at all......

Friday, 2 October 2009


Top news everybody - we have half of our dogs on reserve. Woo-Hoo.

Kia, Lucy (mum and daughter staffies), big Harley (as reported earlier) and now Bonnie and newbie Blackie - yippeeeeeeeee.

We have taken in a new guy today called Rockey, who is to die for. He is only about 7 months old, medium sized tri-colour, smashing, lovely dog. He was in an RTA, had to have his leg amputated but his owners didn't want him back because they said they couldn't manage his post op care.

So, Rocky is a tripod and a bloomin' gorgeous one at that. I reckon he'll get a home very quickly cos he is soooooo lovely.

Even more good news, we've almost booked up for the Cat Health Clinic tomorrow for World Animal Day and we are now indoors for our dog microchipping event in Salford at the new Oasis Academy.

I feel reeeght chuffed.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cat Health Clinic - last few appointments left!

Oh Happy Days!

I have had just about the best news ever today....our longest stay dog of 1 year has got a home! "Oh happy days!"

Harley (pictured) is destined to live with a family in South Mcr following our fundraising day out at Chorlton Water Park. They went to meet him again at the kennels and thought he was smashing, so Jo is going to do the home visit asap and he will hopefully be on his way to a forever home very soon. I was so chuffed I got a bit choked and teary on the phone when the family called to reserve him and arrange the home visit. We love the guy and are keeping our paws crossed that everything works out ok.
"Oh happy days!"
When I rang the kennels to let them know the good news we got talking about our new admission, Axel. Oh, how terribly sad....he was in a home with 5 other dogs and elderly lady who couldn't cope with them all and shut him away on his own in a room. She agreed to sign him over to one of the Inspectors and the poor lad has petrified ever since. He is only about 2 years old and it appears his fears maybe related to how he has been disciplined (if you get my drift). We've got him a DAP collar now to help soothe him but it could be a while before he settles, I mean, he was even having to be hand fed he was that freaked out. It's so sad cos there's so little you can do to make them feel better and reassure them. Although having said that, on the first night Gordon, who runs the kennels with his wife, spent an hour sat with him to try and make him feel better - aw.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday Blues?

Not today! It's actually been quite a positive start to the week and I'm so chuffed to tell you that our gorgeous 1 year old kittens Gizmo and Marble have a reserve on them as do mum and daughter dogs Kia and Lucy - to go together - how fantastic is that, just so rare we find homes for a two dogs at once.

I am, however, still struggling to find takers for our Cat Clinic on Saturday, tis a bit surprising. You'd think people would jump at the chance of vaccinations, microchipping and vet check for £5 - but it would seem not! Money obviously very scarce at the moment. But if you know any cat owners on a low income let us know and we will book them in for the clinic in Longsight.

And we have lots of new kitty cats too - take a look at and you'll find all our beautiful newbies. We have a new admission this week called Hatty. She was dumped in a box in the reception of the RSPCA animal hospital last week. We were her last chance today as nowhere else could take her and we'd said 'no' last week, but today we were lucky to have a space and save her from being put to sleep. She's a bonnie girl, all black with a little white bib and only young. Such a relief we could help this time.

And I have had the pleasure of sharing my office with Will today. A rather handsome cat who has clearly been stray for a while cos he's quite thin. But he is so loving and affectionate and really content to be indoors! Though having said that, I can't leave my window open as he does have a bit of a taste for fresh air. He's lovely and has the most amazing coloured eyes, very pale yellow. He's quite stately in his posture, a bit of a 'lord of the manor' sat up on the window sill looking out - he'll hopefully find a home soon. Bless him.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Reflections on a crazy week

It all started Monday, stranded at home due to a bus mid afternoon I was being recorded for BBC Radio Mcr, over the telephone, for previews for them coming to my house the next day to do a roving reporter job in my house on how many bloomin rabbits i/we have in our care as a result of an increase in rabbit abandonments. The following morning I waited, and waited some more, but they'd gone to the wrong address so we missed going out live on air and instead recorded a piece that went out at drive time, I even found the link: Steve_Saul_22_09_2009/

It's on till Tues 29th Sept and it makes me sound like an animal hoarder!

Wednesday was a very bad day, but I'm not going to go into it cos I'll just get stressed again. But, Thursday was heaps better as we delivered rabbit welfare training to Inspectors and seemed to get really positive feedback about how much they had learnt and better understood about my favourite furry companions. (BTW rabbits are classed as exotic pets and shouldn't eat dried food, lettuce or carrots and if you are feeding your bunny this then please email me for more info, I'm here to help).

Friday was one of our crazy days again where I found myself getting nowhere fast but I am pleased to say that the tickets are beginning to sell for the gala evening. But, it's still stressing me out cos I've had no time to go begging for things and promoting the event and I feel like I am running behind schedule a bit. The cat clinic next Sat is having very little interest and I really need to go out leafleting some more around Longsight, where it's taking place, but I'm buggered if I can get there at the'd think people would jump at the chance of getting their cats vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped for £5.

But with feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with stuff to do with the branch's finances (i.e. not having any) I'm having the weekend off for a bit of a break - luxury that, two days off in a row!

Let's hope by Monday we have loads of animals reserved and I can tell you lots of exciting things. All I can tell you at the moment is that we've bunnies coming out of everywhere. We're up to 24 and should only have 10. Wanna rabbit?

Friday, 25 September 2009


We are having one of our low days today when we are wondering whether we will ever find homes for our 3 longest stay dogs. So I'm, seeing if national RSPCA will put an alert out on Facebook as they are doing for our cat clinic, which is having surprisingly few takers.

Anyway, thought you would like to meet them all:

Roma has been with us since November 2008, her owners were proseucted for neglecting her and she was very underweight when taken into our care. Roma has had two successful placements in foster care but is still waiting for that forever home because she has a condition called hip dysplasia which means she is on permament pain relief, needs to be kept on a strict diet to keep her weight controlled and only have short periods of exercise. Roma is approx 8 years old and the most loving, friendly dog you could wish to meet. She is fantastic with other dogs and a great all rounder. The branch is able to contribute to her ongoing veterinary care to see her placed in the best home to live out teh rest of her life.

Ben has been with us since March 2009. His owner was terminally ill and so could no longer care for his beloved dog. Ben is a lovely lad, approx 7-8 years old and is desperate for a home for life. He is medium sized cross breed and great with other animals and all people and is so playful and loving. He adores his toys and bounces around with them like a puppy. Ben would suit a home where someone is around a lot as he can be quite vocal.

Harley is our longest stay dog, having been with us exactly one year. Not one person has ever shown any interest in the handsome guy despite extensive efforts by the branch to find him a home. He is a tall staffie cross, a loveable, confident dog that is deseprate for a home. Although he was an unwanted pet following the birth of a child we have found him to be great with children. He is strong on the lead but that is just as much excitement too to be out of the kennels. We really love Harley and home someone else will very soon.

Monday, 21 September 2009


For World Animal Day we are holding a one off Cat Health Clinic on Saturday 3rd October 12-2. For £5 cat owners on a low income can get their cat vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped for just £5. There will also be free care advice and free cat safety collars too.

The event is taking place at Crossroads Community Centre off Plymouth Grove in South Manchester. BOOKING is ESSENTIAL as places are limited. Please call us on 0161 882 0680.

So far we have had a really poor response to the event and it is in jeopardy of being cancelled. I've issued a press release today but unless we get some takers we will have to cancel the event, so please, spread the word!

Really Good Weekend

Well, this morning I'm going to be merrily making my way to the bank with £500 from our fundraising efforts this weekend.

By far the Salford Garden Party was the most resounding success. It was a great day, despite the rain setting in mid-afternoon, but we microchipped 57 dogs for a £1 each and took £122 in total - which is brilliant and very generous of people.

On Sunday we were at Chorlton Water Park Family Fun Day, in aid of Chrisitie's. We put an awful lot of effort in and it didn't really pay off but we still made a few pennies and microchipped 30 dogs, but only 22 dogs entered the dog show.

We also took our favourite dog Harley along for the day to enter the dog show and raise his profile to try and find him a home . Harley has been with us for exactly one year, and for no reason whatsoever. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous dog that has simply been overlooked. He is great with children, crowds, people, other dogs too - he is just quite strong on the lead so needs someone who can manage with that. We are so desperate for him to find a home - see his pics above, isn't he handsome!

On the animal side of things, well, I am delighted to tell you that before we even got her listed on the dogsblog website our beautiful new girl Lynka has found a home in sunny Preston and is leaving us today! Oh, and newbie oldie is definitely called Blackie. I've seen a pic and he is to die for. He is a German Shepherd cross - black and fluffy with a little white bib and such a lovely, lovely dog!

And on the cat side of things, I am chuffed to bits to tell you that my favourite little girl, Poppy, has finally found a home after 6 months. She's been with us for so long because she found the cattery so stressful and so we kept her in foster care but had no interest in her. We tried her for a third time in the cattery and this time she was fine and she got a reserve within two weeks of being there. The home visit is being done tonight so please keep your paws crossed!

Although I'm shattered, I do feel it has been a great weekend and seems a good start to the week.